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l CASE STUDY l "NETSCOUT was a natural choice for us, due to its reputation for customer commitment and high-performance products. Our network had to perform flawlessly – any hiccups in the center-wide EHR rollout were not really an option. With nGenius PFS 6010 providing critical packet visibility, we ensured the success of the current project and will continue to leverage the platform well into the future." - IT Director Challenges Any treatment and research facility depends on accuracy, availability and security of it healthcare records. To maintain its high standards in patient care, the organization recently embarked on a multi-million-dollar rollout of a new electronic health record (EHR) management system. When life depends on the network (literally), guaranteeing its high availability and performance is critical. The center's IT team was tasked with ensuring a flawless introduction of the new system. Strategic approach to network architecture with packet visibility The team designed a comprehensive network readiness program, in their mission to successfully manage such a critical project. As part of the EHR rollout, they upgraded the service assurance platform, which would monitor and triage network performance issues, helping the team to mitigate any potential impact on the EHR application. This required achieving deep packet visibility, so everything would be visible on the network. From the initial planning phases, Healthcare Organization Enables Visibility at Scale The NETSCOUT 100G packet flow solution ensures smooth rollout of critical EHR application OVERVIEW Industry Healthcare – treatment and research Business Challenge Ensure continuous network performance as part of the multi-million dollar rollout of new electronic health record (EHR) management system NETSCOUT Solution • NETSCOUT nGenius ® packet flow switch (PFS) 6010 with 100G and 10G line cards Business Value • Enabled a strategic approach to application performance management during a critical EHR rollout • Provided deep packet visibility to a new service assurance platform • Achieved a solid foundation for long-term development of a unified packet plane – for future expansion of service assurance and security monitoring P A C K E T F L O W S W I T C H

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