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Industry-leading quality The Maxar constellation collects more than one billion sq km of high-resolution optical imagery per year—building and refreshing the most comprehensive and up-to-date high resolution imagery library in the world as well as offering tremendous tasking capacity. You choose the world imagery you need and the way you need it—online, offline, on your mobile device or directly into your GIS—and we deliver real-world perspective you can rely on. ■ High-resolution showing crisp detail ■ Most spectral diversity commercially available ■ Greatest collection capacity ■ Intraday revisits ■ High geolocational accuracy ■ Large high-resolution swath width ■ Most agile with rapid retargeting ■ Greatest in-track stereo collection The world's most advanced constellation The Maxar constellation of high-resolution satellites offers incredible accuracy, agility and collection capacity, imaging more of the world in the finest level of detail. This constellation is unprecedented in the industry, enabling customers around the globe to get the highest quality view of their world. WorldView-1 GeoEye-1 WorldView-2 WorldView-3 WorldView Legion WorldView Legion is the next evolution of Maxar's industry leading WorldView constellation. WorldView Legion is a fleet of high-performance satellites that will dramatically increase the volume of rich data over critical areas around the world, enabling more accurate, comprehensive and timely analysis of on-ground conditions. ■ Will enable up to 15 revisits per day ■ Triples Maxar capacity to collect 30 cm class imagery ■ Triples our overall capacity over high-demand areas ■ Highest image quality and geometric accuracy available ■ Compatible with global infrastructure and access programs for Maxar customers

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