Research Report: Secrets of High Performing Projects

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Secrets of High Performing Projects 32 18. Which of the following concerns has your organization experienced with their large-scale engineering, construction or major equipment manufacturing projects (please select all that apply)? Our final question in this section looked at issues or concerns that the organizations represented in our survey have experienced on their projects. We provided a list of common problems and asked respondents to select all that applied. The list was: § Ineffective project portfolio management (PPM) and project delivery tools § Ineffective strategic planning § Lack of trust between sponsors/stakeholders and delivery teams § Lack of visibility into what's happening § Poor performance of projects against business goals § Poor performance of projects against constraints (budget, schedule and cost) § Poor resource utilization – over allocation § Poor resource utilization – under allocation § Unclear and/or ineffective role of the PMO Respondents selected an average of 2.4 issues with a number of issues receiving similar selection rates. Lack of visibility was the most commonly reported problem, identified by 39.3% of respondents, but that was closely followed by ineffective strategic planning (38.0%), a lack of trust between sponsors/ stakeholders and delivery teams (33.7%) and poor performance of projects against constraints (32.6%). Generally speaking, an examination of high and low performing organizations revealed similar rates of selection compared with the average. The numbers for low performers were higher than the average and a little over 2.6 categories were selected by members of this group. High performers consistently fell below the average with just 2.1 selections by each respondent. One outlier was the lack of visibility rating among low performers. This number was actually below the 39.3% average at 38.8%. this may reflect that these organizations are aware of the problems they are experiencing but are unable to solve them, but we fear that at least in some cases it may be an indication that these organizations don't realize they have a lack of visibility. The highest reported problem among low performers was ineffective strategic planning which was reported by 50.9%, and this number remained consistent when we only looked at executives working in low performing organizations suggesting this is a genuine issue and not just a perceived problem. Lack of trust between sponsors/stakeholder and delivery teams was also high at 40.5% in this group suggesting widespread issues that need to be addressed.

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