Research Report: Secrets of High Performing Projects

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Secrets of High Performing Projects 49 Delivery effectiveness Our final section of the report contains just one question, but it's an important one. We finished the survey by asking respondents to tell us how effective they felt project delivery was in their organizations. 29. How effective do you feel project delivery is in your organization? This was a straightforward question using a four- point scale. Respondents were overwhelmingly positive with 81.7% selecting one of the two effective options, although 58.9% chose 'somewhat effective' and only 22.8% said delivery was 'very effective'. 12.5% said that delivery was 'somewhat ineffective' with 5.8% choosing 'very ineffective'. There were some variations across industries but they weren't dramatic. Among our two most represented industries 82.2% of respondents from Construction, Architecture & Engineering made a positive selection with 22.0% choosing 'very effective'. In Information Technology the numbers were 85.6% and 26.1% respectively. It was pleasing to see that delivery functions and executives had similar views on effectiveness. Among executives 83.1% chose one of the effective options with 20.2% selecting 'very effective'. For program & project management functions it was 82.1% positive and 21.9% 'very effective'. As you might expect our high performing organizations were satisfied with their project delivery performance. 90.4% chose one of the two positive choices, but even among this group there is perceived room for improvement. Only 33.6% - just about a third, selected the 'very effective' choice. Among low performing organizations there was at least recognition of the need to improve. Just 56.9% chose one of the positive options and 15.5% selected 'very effective'. But even here it is difficult to understand how such a large percentage can be positive when the performance of their projects suggests that they have considerable improvements to make. There's more to project delivery than technology and data, but the relationship between the two was very strong among our survey participants. Among those that said they had total faith in their data a full 58.8% reported that project delivery was 'very effective' with 95.9% choosing one of the two positive options. Not a single participant who said that they had total trust in their data reported that they felt their project delivery was 'very ineffective'. " Trust in project data drives belief in project effectiveness – not a single respondent that had total trust in their project data believe that their project delivery was very ineffective. " In-house software users were also confident in their delivery with 86.2% selecting a positive response and 24.6% reporting 'very effective'. On the other hand, only 68.2% of those without an enterprise project management solution chose a positive option and just 13.6% said that delivery was 'very effective'. Again, users of commercial software solutions had the best responses to this question with 88.4% positive and 32.2% selecting 'very effective'. FIGURE 29: How effective do you feel project delivery is in your organization? Very Ineective 5.8% Somewhat Ineective 12.5% Somewhat Eective 58.9% Very Eective 22.8%

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