Research Report: Secrets of High Performing Projects

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Secrets of High Performing Projects 8 On the subject of spreadsheets, no organization represented in this survey did well when it came to the use of those. Organizations inherently know that desktop spreadsheet applications are used more than they should be and perform tasks that are inappropriate. They need to understand from their employees why that is and look to replace those spreadsheets with more appropriate tools – if the right tools were available and intuitive no one would rather work from a spreadsheet! We saw in the survey that manual integrations between systems could be successful, but we also saw that the number and extent of that manual integration was far lower among high performing organizations – the heat maps for question 26 make that clear. But beyond simply performance, think of the cost in effort, dollar and lost opportunity terms that are incurred by relying on manual integrations. And then add in the risk of mistakes from manual double entry. It is clear that many survey respondents are not leveraging their available technology as fully as they might. The high reliance on static snapshot status reports and long update windows for those reports showed that clearly. This isn't due to limitations of the technology – many of these participants reported having modern enterprise tools. Instead, it's a lack of awareness of what can be achieved, and more importantly how that can help organizations succeed. Real time updates and interactive status reports aren't simply nice to haves, they are, or at least should be, drivers of better business decisions and faster responses to challenges and opportunities. That brings us to our final recommendation. High performers were far less likely to use manual integrations. If you want to optimize your own performance – automate, automate, automate!

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