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6 Accelerating migration Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Read the full GROWMARK, Lemongrass, and AWS story GROWMARK, that provides energy, agronomy, and grain marketing products and services to the US and Ontario, Canada, a North American agriculture cooperative could not afford to have anything stand in the way of its business growth. Yet, that was exactly what was happening with the cloud provider it was using for its SAP applications. Instead of the stable and resilient environment needed to run its operations, GROWMARK encountered poor performance and a faltering hosting service. When GROWMARK requested changes that required adaptability, it was met with inflexibility. That rigidity began to hinder the company's growth plans. GROWMARK was already using AWS for other financial applications and IT environments, so it made sense to move SAP to AWS as well. There was a catch, however. Because GROWMARK's business is tied closely to growing seasons, the move had to be completed in a four-month window, from November to early March. GROWMARK engaged Lemongrass, an AWS SAP Competency Partner, for the cloud-to-cloud migration project. Everyone committed to the tight timeline. Three different environments—development, quality assurance, and live production—were created to safely execute this cloud-to-cloud migration, which was completed on time. GROWMARK believes it was one of the fastest and most successful migrations ever. Amazon S3 and other AWS products will play a role in its long-term goals for enhanced data analytics and aggregation, especially for planned innovations tied to the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), and expanded e-commerce. Seasonal change: GROWMARK makes a cloud move in record time Learn more Keith Milburn Chief Information Officer, GROWMARK "Migrating our SAP applications from one cloud host to the AWS Cloud was one of the fastest, most successful migrations I've ever seen." AWS solutions used

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