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8 Unlocking data analytics and insights Combining critical SAP data with customer information from other systems in a data lake can give you the 360-degree view needed to reshape engagement, inspire innovation, and drive operational efficiency. The story of Bizzy Group's SAP transformation shows how it can be done. Amazon S3 Amazon Redshift Read the full Bizzy, Searce, and AWS story. Bizzy Group's legacy SAP systems and data infrastructure were becoming inefficient. Bizzy Group is one of Indonesia's largest B2B e-commerce platforms, serving the sales and distribution of consumer products from fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands to retailers across the country. There was no support for change data capture, and overall data collection, processing, and extraction were slow. Bizzy Group, one of Indonesia's largest ecommerce platform providers, needed a new approach for addressing the rapid pace of its business with fast-moving consumer products companies. To address the data limitations, Bizzy Group engaged AWS and Searce, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner, to build a data lake to store SAP data at scale and automate data pipelines so Bizzy could run different types of analytics and get timely insights. The extra challenge? Tokosmart, the ordering, inventory, and payment management application that connected to the infrastructure, had to keep running while the data lake was being built. There were 6,232 stock-keeping units, 6 to 7 layers of pricing and promotions, and 179,663 customers on Bizzy's platform. The data lake centralized 13 SAP data sources, which are now ingested in real time. With the capabilities of its new data infrastructure, Bizzy Group's teams have uncovered insights that were not easily observed in the past and are making data-driven decisions to scale the reach of its ecommerce platform. Bizzy Group uses SAP on AWS to uncover new business Learn more Glenn Lai Chief Operating Officer, Bizzy Digital "With the capabilities of our new data infrastructure, our teams have been able to uncover insights that were not easily observed and make data-driven decisions to scale the reach of Bizzy Digital." AWS solutions used

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