Data Integration and Governance for the Modern Enterprise 2021

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Sponsored Content 32 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2021 | DBTA How Immuta Maximizes Data's Value with Automated Cloud Data Access Control We've entered a new era in data and analytics fueled by ubiquitous cloud storage, modern cloud data management tools, and agile data engineering and operations teams that build, release, and maintain thousands of analytical pipelines and products. But in this new era, a new challenge has emerged: data access control. With a complex landscape of cloud data platforms and tools, hundreds of data privacy and business rules, thousands of data pipelines, and users inside and outside the organization— traditional methods of data access control don't scale, and can greatly limit data utility. Modern data teams have an urgent need to provide rapid, secure, scaled access to thousands of cloud data products while maintaining strong security, privacy protection, and auditability. When sensitive data, regulated data, or contractually-protected data is involved—which is the case for almost all data-driven organizations today—this challenge becomes exponentially more difficult. THE MASTER KEY: UNIVERSAL CLOUD DATA ACCESS CONTROL Solving this problem is possible, and the answer lies in automated access control. Achieving data access automation requires several new innovations, starting with architecture. Within the modern, heterogeneous cloud data stack, data access control must be separated from data storage and compute platforms. A universal, standard policy layer gives organizations the power to control access to data across multiple cloud data platforms, obviating the complexity of bespoke, platform- specific controls, and eliminating cloud vendor "lock-in." The next innovation is consistent, intelligent metadata across cloud environments. It's the "data about your data," which must be updated automatically and intelligently as data grows, is transformed, and combined. This intelligent metadata layer becomes the foundation for writing scalable access control policies that utilize the attributes of the data itself to determine who can see and access what data. Lastly, data access control automation requires dynamic policy enforcement. Dynamic policies replace the legacy model of human data stewards determining "who" can access "what" data with real-time, algorithmic policy decisions. Instead of an 'on or off ' switch, dynamic policies permit automated, fine- grained access to data—a data 'dimmer' switch that enables scaled cloud data access and sharing with maximum security. Sensitive and contractually-protected data is automatically governed without the need for separate data preparation or anonymization, saving time, reducing cloud storage costs, and permitting more data use. The combination of these three elements enables seamless data integration and governance across platforms, so data teams can find and access data quickly and securely. IMMUTA: UNIVERSAL CLOUD DATA ACCESS CONTROL Immuta, the universal cloud data access control platform, allows data engineering and operations teams to automate data access control across their entire cloud data infrastructure. With Immuta, organizations can finally unlock the full value of their data—even the most sensitive data—while improving productivity, reducing time to data, maintaining strong security, and enabling new data sharing use cases. This is achieved through Immuta's five core capabilities: • Universal Data Cloud Compatibility • Scalable, Attribute-Based Access Control • Sensitive Data Discovery & Classification • Dynamic Policy Enforcement & Auditing • Advanced Data Masking & Anonymization With these advanced technologies, Immuta enables organizations to reduce data engineering costs by 40%, decrease access controls to manage by 100x, increase permitted use cases by 400%, and accelerate time to data access from months to mere seconds. Immuta's customers understand that data is the most critical asset for innovation. Secure, democratized, self-service access to cloud-based data is an imperative to accelerate business intelligence, data science, and data sharing outcomes. For organizations in every industry—from financial services and insurance to healthcare and the public sector—Immuta is the key to scaled data innovation, putting more of the right data in hands of more users, faster, to enable desired data outcomes. With its automated, scalable approach, Immuta is built for the future of data use, allowing organizations to maximize the value of their cloud data platform investments and all of their data. To see what Immuta can do for you, request a demo or start a free trial. n IMMUTA www.immuta.com

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