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For many years, companies across industries have adopted technology solutions to power the success of their business. While some had the luxury of being born in the cloud, the vast majority invested in applications designed for on-premises data centers using the prevalent technologies of the early 2000s, such as those built by Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle. With the accelerating emergence of digitally born businesses and the increasing pressure to out-innovate competition, companies are faced with the critical task of transforming their existing technology portfolio for the digital expectations of today's customers. AWS has helped these companies transform their existing Windows-based workloads for over 13 years. We observed the common technical choices and techniques that customers such as Expedia, Pearson, Xero, SeatGeek, and DraftKings have used to successfully modernize their Windows-based applications, data, and identity solutions. Through modernization, these customers realize benefits that include lower costs, increased scalability, faster feature delivery, and improved development and operational agility. The time is now to help your organization achieve these results and free your teams from maintaining your monolithic legacy systems. In this guide, we cover the common approaches our customers use to modernize their Windows-based applications and the tools, services, and support AWS has to help you in your modernization journey. 2 INTRODUCTION 2

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