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Adopt new cloud-based tools to simplify identity management As customers migrate workloads from on-premises to the cloud, one of the primary challenges is handling the resource and infrastructure sprawl while enforcing security and compliance best practices. AWS offers many tools such as AWS Systems Manager, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon Kinesis that can be used to define, monitor, analyze, and maintain the organization's security posture in the cloud. For example, customers use AWS Systems Manager to simplify remote access to Amazon EC2 Windows instances, manage configuration baselines, maintain security and compliance, and connect with IT service management systems. For collecting system-level metrics, logs, and events, AWS offers Amazon CloudWatch and a Windows agent that produces metrics from resources in Amazon EC2 and on-premises. Customers such as Autodesk combine these services with the Amazon Kinesis Agent for Microsoft Windows to collect, parse, transform, and stream Windows events, logs, and metrics at scale. Retooling your management and monitoring arsenal with native AWS services is a common approach to satisfy the requirements of your modern applications while removing the need to purchase or develop tooling for these administrative tasks. Retool ACTIVE DIRECTORY Autodesk "Autodesk builds software tools and services that help our customers design and make anything. These tools and services must be reliable so they can get their job done. A fundamental part of any trusted cloud connected software is observability and this starts with collecting log data. The new Amazon Kinesis Agent for Microsoft Windows simplifies workflows for streaming logs by eliminating the need for complicated interconnected systems and tools. The agent is easy to set up, configure, and update. The Amazon Kinesis Agent for Microsoft Windows significantly reduces the complexity of log collection and management" – Ben Cochran, Senior Director, Cloud Engineering, Autodesk 22

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