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ConvergeOne Cloud Experience (C1CX) Case Study for Software Subscription Company

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A PRIVATE CLOUD SOLUTION FOR A SUBSCRIPTION SOFTWARE COMPANY ConvergeOne Cloud Experience (C1CX) Private Cloud C ase Study | Customer Challenge Aer a leading real estate soware firm was spun out from its parent company by a private equity firm, the IT team began to struggle supporting its contact center and voice due to insufficient funding and staff. This overstretched team was also being taxed by the acquisition of several companies over the course of a year. To accommodate its growth, the company had expanded its voice solutions by using an off-the-shelf cloud solution provider. At the time ConvergeOne was engaged, its corporate offices had aging systems that needed to be updated. The new locations that were being added due to recent acquisitions needed to be equipped with the proper technologies immediately. The company had long struggled to maintain and manage its voice systems and infrastructure. Its infrastructure strategy was not in alignment with its merger and acquisition strategy, and it had not added the appropriate amount of IT support staff or soware testing engineers on account of the fact that it did not have any budget to allocate to voice. As a result, the company suffered from a lack of ownership around technology as a whole, leaving the voice environment in a broken state with no one possessing the skill sets need to deal with updates or issues that would arise. From an outsider's perspective, the company was in desperate need of enhanced unified communications (UC) and contact center systems, but non-IT leadership expressed an unwillingness to spend more money on UC systems alone. The company required more value to justify such an expense. The executive team knew there was also a request to expand and enhance the contact center, yet it had not approved or budgeted any funds for this endeavor. The existing contact center technology hadn't been updated and lacked basic functionality, and several of the applications, including interactive voice recognition (IVR) prompting, had broken but not yet been fixed. The company desired to fix its broken applications and gain efficiencies to more effectively support customers and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Result ConvergeOne increased the satisfaction of the customer's end users through the use of enhanced functionality and provided significant cost savings through service efficiencies. Outcome The customer transitioned its voice and contact center environment to a ConvergeOne Cloud Experience (C1CX) on- premises private cloud.

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