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ConvergeOne Multi-Cloud Experience (C1MX) Cloud Migration Services

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The adoption and use of private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies has grown significantly in recent years. Analysts predict that private cloud and on premises virtualization will continue to grow at 21% CAGR through 2023 and public cloud adoption will grow at 27% CAGR through 2022. As organizations consider these cloud infrastructures for their applications and workloads, they must consider how they will migrate their services from their traditional platforms to a cloud solution without risking the integrity of their data, significant application downtime, and excessive costs. • What is my business case to justify the cloud migration? • Which cloud infrastructure(s) are best for my business and the workloads? • Will I get the same capabilities (or better) from the public cloud over my private data center? • How do I migrate to the cloud with the least disruption to my business? • How do I maintain my data security and compliance once my workloads are in the cloud? C1MX Cloud Migration Services ConvergeOne Multi-Cloud Experience (C1MX) Cloud Migration Services provide consulting, design, and migration services to answer the above questions and migrate to the cloud seamlessly and successfully. As with all ConvergeOne offerings, C1MX Cloud Migration Services focus on the business outcomes of the solution, not just the technologies used. By moving your workloads to the cloud, we want to help you achieve critical business objectives to be more agile and responsive to business changes, faster to market with your products and services, and spend money on the right resources and not over spend on infrastructures that will never be fully used. Every business will have a different blend of these desired outcomes. ConvergeOne can help to identify how moving to the cloud can achieve your specific business goals. C1MX CLOUD MIGRATION SERVICES ConvergeOne Multi-Cloud Experience (C1MX) Spotlight Cloud consumption is on the rise. In Gartner's 2019 Global IT Spending Report, they show that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is expected to be at $39.5 billion in 2019 and grow at roughly 27% CAGR through 2022. At the same time, Market Research Future expects private cloud and on premises virtualization platforms to also continue to grow at roughly 21% CAGR through 2023. This is proof that organizations new and old are making the switch from traditional data centers to more flexible, agile, and faster time to market architectures like private, public, and hybrid clouds.

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