Full Report: Improving Service Provision in the Australian Healthcare Sector

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TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BETTER MOBILE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT TO IMPROVE SERVICE PROVISION IN THE AUSTRALIAN HEALTHCARE SECTOR Executive summary IDG Research Services and Skedulo surveyed 50 IT and C-level managers in Australian healthcare organisations to gauge where they are on their mobile workforce management journey; expected growth areas; workforce management technology; and the top three challenges and benefits of mobile workforce management. The study also looked at how digital transformation is expected to impact existing processes over the next 12 months, with the significant findings being: • Nearly half (46%) of respondents expect their at- home and residential care business to grow over the next 12 months • A high 76% of organisations surveyed do not have a modern workforce solution • About 18% of organisations have staff doing field work, but the systems are office-based and are not field-enabled highlighting a big gap in the technology available to care providers • The biggest challenge in nearly 20% of organisations is the disconnect between staff needs and technology use • More than one in five respondents indicated that a customer self-service portal would go a long way to reducing customer service efforts. Introduction Field health and aged care workers are busy people and need to make quick decisions every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made their jobs much more challenging, both in the field and at work in fixed locations. How can IT leaders enable their staff to be more efficient and compliant without technology getting in the way? The answer lies in better workforce automation and systems that enable staff to spend more time supporting people and less time on administration. Furthermore, as the research shows, high levels of administration and compliance requirements can directly impact client healthcare outcomes, which, in turn, can adversely affect the provider's reputation. Nearly half in sector to see growth in home-based care With recent shifts in the regulation and the industry and custom expectations over the next two years the survey asked respondents where they see the growth in their support staff business between residential facilities based and at-home care? With recent shifts in the regulation and the industry/customer expectations, over the next 2 years where do you see the growth in your carer business between residential/facility based and at-home? We expect the at home care business to grow mostly We expect our residential business to provide most growth Not sure yet Do not see any significant shift Both should gow equally

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