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TRANSFORMING THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS DATASHEET Features ACCURATE AND EFFICIENT TRENCHING OPERATIONS Trimble Trenching Machine Guidance systems are flexible, high-performance positioning systems that improve the visibility, safety, efficiency and productivity of trenching and pipe-laying operations. The system provides accurate 3D visualization to assist the operator with trenching workflows. ► Accurate trench depth monitoring to within +/- 20 mm* ► Up to 50% more productivity per day* ► Helps the trenching operator progress faster than the pipe-laying team ► Safer sites with reduced need for personnel in/near the trench ► Lower labor costs and less need for surveyors on site, stakeless workflow ► Works at night or in dusty environments (no need for lasers) ► Save time without the need to reset lasers for grade changes ► More detailed and more accurate as-builts Machine Guidance for Trenching Machines ► Clear tolerance visualization provides the operator with clear, simple guidance for accurate, efficient trenching ► Multiple viewpoints: Real-time view for the operator with the plan and profile views displaying the trenching boom outline and the surveyed surface, design and cut depth ► Robust and reliable solutions maximize uptime: Hardware, sensors, enclosures suitable for vibration, dusty environments ► Digital workflow to import or build project design and survey models in the office or field ► Customize over-depth and under-depth tolerances for the project ► Surface Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is updated in real-time registering the progress of the trenching work showing depth, differential and production models all updated according to progress of the cutter head. ► Administrator can configure and lock screens for the operator ► Create and import trenching machine models from CAD software (e.g. SketchUp ® ) * As reported by Trimble customers.

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