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Data Ownership and Privacy is a Top Strategic Priority CUSTOMERS OWN THEIR DATA Our customer agreements are transparent — customers are not required to relinquish rights to their data. CUSTOMERS CONTROL THEIR DATA We keep customer data confidential. Customers have complete control to share and un-share their data with whomever they choose; no third party can access it without explicit permission. Internal access to data within Command Alkon is limited to software development tasks or support required to maintain our high-quality service. WE SECURE AND PROTECT CUSTOMER DATA Data is never sold or disclosed without customer knowledge and consent. We continue to implement a culture of security through regular training for all employees. Commied to Maintaining Best-in-Class Data Privacy and Security Comply with the latest industry standard principles for data protection. Data Segmentation and Encryption on CONNEX Platform We've maintained a more than 45-year commitment to trust and responsibility in all our customer relationships. We take that trust seriously and recognize our obligation to handle customer data responsibly, guided by Command Alkon's guiding principles: Multi-tenant database with logical partitions for each customer Encrypted at Rest Passwords & Multi-factor Authentication Encrypted in Transit Data segmented by customer. Access strictly controlled by user and role. Data must be explicitly shared by customers under their own defined rules. For more information and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), please refer to our Security by Design document Our Shared Security Responsibility Model Delegates primary security responsibility to party most capable of protecting specific resources Amazon AWS Secures underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud. Command Alkon Secures applications and data in the cloud. Customers Secure access to Command Alkon applications running in the cloud. Guided by security frameworks and controls. Conduct regular and thorough security audits with independent experts. Overseen by Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), working company-wide to continually strengthen our security posture. Command Alkon's Guiding Principles

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