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ONCE UPON A TIME... A VISION... Founded in 1995 by Jean Latournerie and Christian Wolfrom, Latournerie Wolfrom Avocats is a law firm concentrated in M&A (mergers and acquisitions), public business and new technolog y. Their expertise has grown to cover the main areas of business law: real estate, private equity, tax, membership rights, environmental, competition and litigation. Due to its histor y, ethics and customs, the legal sector has seen a transformation in communication and client relations. Clients once approached lawyers to obtain their ser vices. Now lawyers must market their expertise to find new clients. This has forced law firms to improve their communication. These changes in the legal industr y have made it essential for firms to establish a culture of learning internally and with clients. Sophie Gouget and Anne-C├ęcile Healy are, respectively, Marketing Communication Officer and Marketing Communication Manager at Latournerie Wolfrom. Both have dealt with the digitalisation of their environments and the tools they use in their daily lives. The firm's clients were moving towards digital interactions, so it was their duty to do the same to stay in touch with them. Whether in-house or outsourced, Latournerie Wolfrom lacked platforms to upload files or other documents. Files were transferred via specialised file transfer tools or by e-mail. This created problems around security and confidentiality of the data contained in the files. Internally, documents were not always easy to find as they were not centralised. In addition, the firm's employees sent documents by e-mail, a practice that management was determined to reduce. Outside the firm, clients did not have real-time access to their files and data. In addition, some of the larger documents could present challenges when being sent. Latournerie Wolfrom decided to switch to Hubshare. The business was looking for a solution that would allow them to centralise their data, share files both internally and externally and ensure the security of the platform. Hubshare met all of the firm's expectations. SUCCESS For Latournerie Wolfrom, Hubshare was the ideal platform as it addresses the specific needs of the legal sector. Many law firms use the product daily. Latournerie Wolfrom's requirements included an EDM, instant data synchronisation, and a high level of confidentiality. Latournerie Wolfrom uses Hubshare with clients and as an intranet within their firm. Adopting Hubshare, both internally and externally, involves four stages: information, training, communication and change management. This prepares teams for organisational shifts, though some employees were reluctant to adopt the platform. "It's up to us to make Hubshare fun and relevant to bring them on board," Healy said. More employees and clients are getting involved in the project thanks to the daily efforts of Healy and Gouget. The firm's communication and IT teams were trained first to ensure that employees quickly got up and running on the platform.

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