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Case Study: Latournerie Wolfrom Avocats

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Even though the firm is only in the early stages of using Hubshare, the transformation of their internal top-down and cross-functional relationships is already a success. This allows them to convey a positive image to their current and future clients. External communication has been renewed by focusing on the user experience thanks to the hubs dedicated to each client. Customers now benefit from an optimal level of confidentiality and complete security of their data storage. " F o r us , H u b s h a r e is a n e w w o r k i ng s y s t e m t h at a l l o w s us to d e p o s i t f i l e s , e x c h a ng e , w i t h t h e c l i e nt a n d s h a r e i nf o r m at i o n w i t h t h e m ." S o p h i e G o u g e t Marketing Communication O f f icer, L atourne rie Wolfrom Avo cat s M- Files is a registered trademark of M- Files Corporation. All other registered trademarks belong to their respective owners. M-FILES + HUBSHARE Website Email UK Phone Number +44 (0)3300 889569 Finland Phone Number +358 3 3138 7500 USA Phone Number +1 972 516 4210 M-Files and Hubshare provide best-in-class digital client experience that enables companies to be the forerunners in driving digitalization and improving digital client experience using branded, customizable client portals. All information, regardless of where it is stored, can be accessed, and managed according to commonly agreed processes, legal regulations, or industr y standards. Documents, people, processes, discussions, and more are integrated in a virtual workspace solution without data duplication, eliminating out-of-sync versions and ensuring version control. For more information on Hubshare, visit

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