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The Evolving Perspective of Post Pandemic Workplaces

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2 23 March, 2020 is a date that will go down in history: the nation went into lockdown, and overnight every industry that was able to start working from home (WFH) did. This was as true of the accountancy industry as any other, with the shift to remote working having a profound impact on the productivity and security of accountancy firms. There has been some early research into how the workforce at large was affected by the pandemic, with the University of Southampton recently publishing a study called 'Work After Lockdown', which surveyed 1,000 people. The report found that 54 percent of them thought that productivity had improved while WFH and over 90 percent of them reported that they were more able to concentrate on a single activity for a prolonged period, compared to working in an office. In order to find out how the accountancy industry was affected, Accountancy Age, in partnership with M-Files, a modern intelligent information management solution provider, commissioned a report to assess the impact of WFH on workforce productivity and information security, and discover the effect that both had on a firm's ability to collaborate internally and provide seamless service to clients. Executive summary Contents 2 ....... Executive summary 3 ....... About the research 4 ....... Key findings 5 ....... Productivity in the pandemic 11 .... Accelerating automation 13 .... Security concerns 16 .... Conclusion

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