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Solution Sheet Simplified Scheduling EcoSys provides an easy, integrated environment to create simple project schedules, complementing your third-party scheduling tools while reducing your reliance on them. • Reduce costs – For many users, EcoSys will satisfy scheduling needs allowing them to work within one system, rather than multiple tools – reducing software, training and support costs. • Flexibility – EcoSys can easily be tailored to meet different project scheduling requirements • Improve efficiency – Role- and user-based screens allow you to quickly and efficiently focus on what you need to in order to get your job done • Scheduling options – Use the level of detail that makes sense for your project, whether it's the cost breakdown structure (CBS) level, the CBS/activity level or the work breakdown structure (WBS)/activity level All Schedules | One Platform EcoSys' scheduling capability is robust enough to satisfy the needs of 80% of your projects. For more complex projects (the remaining 20%), schedules can be created in third-party tools like P6 and Microsoft Project, which integrate with EcoSys. Consolidating all schedules into a single source of truth for project management eliminates siloes of data and drives better visibility, efficiency and consistency. Can We Stop Using Third-Party Scheduling Tools? EcoSys' scheduling capability is designed to provide a simplified and integrated scheduling experience for your small to medium sized projects. It is not intended to replace tools like Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project on larger, more complex projects. In those cases, we recommend integrating EcoSys with your third-party scheduling tools so you can still fully manage your projects and portfolios within EcoSys. Scheduling with EcoSys ™ Connected Scheduling Across the Project Lifecycle Complexity is one of the main causes of project overruns and low performance. Part of that complexity is the multitude of systems and spreadsheets that limit visibility across your entire project portfolio. EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software gives you the ability to create and manage project schedules within the same solution used to manage project cost, changes and performance. By simplifying your project ecosystem and integrating scheduling with other process areas, you will deliver projects with greater efficiency, predictability and control.

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