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Challenge In the average plant, many PID controllers do not function at an acceptable or optimal performance level due to instrumentation issues and/or lack of proper tuning. Many valves do not function properly due to mechanical issues, and more than two-thirds of PID controllers are not tuned optimally. This can lead to abnormal situations and system instability, which adversely affects process safety, efficiency and profitability. Solution PAS TuneWizard ™ improves control loop performance using a comprehensive approach by thoroughly assessing various control elements. TuneWizard assesses the following: • Process variability (linear and nonlinear) • Control elements (valves and measuring devices) • Control objectives • Controller type and tuning methodology • Closed loop performance evaluation (setpoint response, disturbance rejection) • Closed loop system robustness PAS TuneWizard ™ Provides control loop tuning capabilities to improve process safety and efficiency Business Benefits: • Enhanced Process Safety • Decreased Process Variability • Increased Plant Reliability • Improved Preventive Maintenance • Lower Operating Costs • Optimal Process Operation TuneWizard provides the essentials for control loop optimization by calculating optimal PID controller and filter settings, therefore eliminating the guesswork out of tuning. Solution Sheet

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