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Smart Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management

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SMART INDOOR AIR QUALITY(IAQ) MANAGEMENT Applications DESCRIPTION Skysens provides a smart wireless sensory network with IoT platform for indoor air quality management purposes to minimize airborne infectious disease transmission and increase comfort and productivity. Creating an expandable long range wireless sensory network with small battery powered, long lasting completely wireless sensors and smart platform with analytics for air quality management, enables users to manage all air quality related risks inside the buildings and offices. Many buildings don't have central HVAC systems, or their existing HVAC system does not work efficiently or in accordance with air quality levels around the building. Because of this, they are not able to react according to actual status and this causes a multiple problem related to it. However, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of the most important elements related to infectiousness of airborne diseases according to WHO (World Health Organization). (1) Due to micro-particles which carries the viruses sprayed by the infected person via coughing or sneezing or simply exhaling, stay long hours in the air and increase multiple infections if there is no adequate ventilation in the area. (2) This is one of the most effective ways of transmission also for Covid-19. (3) Skysens Enables Smart Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management to Minimize Airborne Virus Transmission and Increase Comfort and Productivity

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