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Digimondo How IoT Makes Schools Smarter

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'Our slogan is „Good rooms for good education". With DIGIMONDO we can have intelligent rooms. We optimize our processes through digitization: The school janitor monitors all processes in real-time and reacts immediately to an alarm. We are able to reduce our energy consumption, costs as well as our CO2 emissions.' Thomas Sies, Manager Central Facility Management at Schulbau Hamburg SBH | Schulbau Hamburg is the organization responsible for the complete management of 350 Schools in the city of Hamburg. Headquartered in Hamburg and with a service staff of approximately 1.000, Schulbau Hamburg controls the planning, building, operations and renovation of the total building portfolio. Public organizations operate under strict budget constraint; facility management costs runs at 41% of the total budget and energy costs at close to 35%. The operations team of Schulbau Hamburg strives to improve the service quality, the user experiences as well as looking to reduce the total carbon footprint and operations budget of the schools. To achieve these goals, Schulbau Hamburg has set its sights on optimizing the facility management processes and energy consumption across the buildings under its control. DIGIMONDO's software, niota enables Schulbau Hamburg to get real time insight on the main drivers of cost, service quality and the sources of carbon production in the school buildings. niota can support feedback based on these insights. Schulbau Hamburg wants to be leading in this area, acting as a role model for other public administration entities in increasing sustainability of their operations.

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