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Multitech Advancements in Concrete

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To capture data, AOMS Technologies, Toronto, Canada, developed sensors that can transmit wirelessly, in realtime, even while buried in the concrete with the help of MultiTech Conduit ® . In today's ever-changing environment, building a strong concrete foundation requires monitoring everything about the material. Elements such as the concrete's temperature, strength, relative humidity and evaporation rate all require consistent tracking and monitoring to make it right. The latest approach is to use embedded sensors, constantly monitoring the necessary parameters and sending the data via wireless technology to cellphones and tablets used by the construction crew. The availability of these in-situ monitors has been possible due to recent advances in IoT (Internet of Things); new remote sensors that work in wireless environments can capture all concrete curing data remotely, even off-site. Advancements In Concrete Utilizing IoT to Monitor Concrete Quality in Large- Scale Construction Projects Powered by MultiTech

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