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A critical function within the laboratory environment is ensuring that refrigeration systems accurately track and maintain proper temperatures to safeguard the invaluable specimens, vaccines and reagents that they house. One failure of the freezers (or refrigerators) or an unexpected, unannounced change in storage temperatures, can tragically lead to sudden and major losses. Such losses can have significant financial and scientific consequences, as much of the stored material is irreplaceable. Armed with this knowledge and determined to protect the perishable contents at all cost, Tulane University's National Primate Research Center (TNPRC), one of the seven NIH-funded National Primate Research Centers in the country, set forth to find the optimal solution. Within TNPRC, every freezer requires protection, and alerts need to be smart and customized to ensure appropriate staff is notified effectively. Without these functions, they risk false alarms and wasted time. Additionally, TNPRC required consistent and accurate tracking of internal temperatures that was easy to access from phones, with no down time. Benefits at a glance Selecting a solution included: • Monitoring of temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide • Alert customization • Low temperature cut-off • Remote monitoring • Cost • User-friendly • Secure, cloud-based data storage • Compliance with FDA and cGxP regulations Smarter Labs for the Future Monitoring Cold Storage with Advanced IoT Powered by MultiTech Problem Ensuring that refrigeration systems accurately track and maintain proper storage temperatures to safeguard the valuable contents. Solution MultiTech Conduit® AP Access Point & MultiTech xDot® Long Range LoRa® Modules Benefits To reach the hundreds of freezers in all 22 buildings of the TNPRC campus, CORIS used MultiTech LoRaWAN® based wireless devices to collect and transmit the internal temperatures of the freezers.

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