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Lowan transforms grids and energy management systems

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Business value Solution Opportunity LOWAN TRANSFORMS GRIDS AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS • LOWAN's LoRaWAN® solutions help to optimize smart city power management by enabling: • Better success in the reading rate of meter data over large urban areas • Automatic adjustment at certain power thresholds, negating human error and optimizing efficiency • Better energy sustainability of LoRa® based sensors with low battery power and reduced number of battery replacements over the time • Quick and efficient deployment for users • The city of Hangzhou, China called on Lowan, a leading LoRaWAN®-powered IoT network operator, to help transform their grid and energy management systems. • LOWAN offers smart grid products to provide real-time data on metering usage over large urban areas Enables maximum efficiency in smart city power management; provides deep penetration in dense urban and indoor regions and connection ranges of up to 50km in rural areas

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