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Unidata Unizenner : A sub-metering solution

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Business value Solution Opportunity UNIDATA UNIZENNER: A SUB-METERING SOLUTION Near real time consumption data, awareness of consumption, process and cost efficiency • The data coming from the smart meters and heat cost allocators, are collected by Unidata LoRaWAN® network UniWAN. • The data is sent to the connectivity platform UniOrchestra called to manage the network and the end points, then sent to the application server UniZenner Meter Cloud. • In case of holes in the network coverage, Unidata installs a gateway for free in the building. • UniZenner is an innovative energy monitoring solution arising from a partnership between Unidata and Zenner. • UniZenner makes water and heat consumption for each apartment of a building accessible real time from a smartphone. • For the same cost spent by a building manager for the reading activity once a year, UniZenner makes a real-time monitoring of water and heat consumption possible.

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