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Business value Solution Opportunity CRISIS GO SAFETY ONE CLICK USES LoRaWAN TECHNOLOGY The cost of retrofitting your buildings and classrooms with hardwired panic buttons is expensive. IoT devices provide a quickly implemented, affordable, and effective solution, equipping your entire district with technology to potentially save lives. • Allows schools to maintain a reliable wireless connection through signal strength, penetration, and range. • Runs on AWS to offer the best service with an incredibly fast hosting platform, protecting their security. • Uses AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN to securely connect wireless panic buttons. • Advanced device monitoring system combined with AWS' superior scalability and dependable uptime. • Ensures system reliability when your organization needs it most. • Many schools and commercial companies are looking for support safety to prepare for mandates requiring panic buttons. • Safety one click allows you to extend your safety plan to any location by letting individuals in distress sound the alarm. • Safety Oneclick utilizes LoRaWAN technology to maintain a reliable connection so that your system is always emergency ready.

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