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Saturas reducing water usage using LoRaWAN

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Opportunity Solution Business value SATURAS REDUCING WATER USAGE USING LoRaWAN ® "Smart farming, or ag-tech is one of the Internet of Things' most important vertical markets but it needs the breakthrough innovations that companies like Saturas are bringing to fields and orchards to deliver on its promise." – Romain Weryk, Kerlink key account manager EMEA • With the Saturas sensor, farmers can have a more accurate understanding of water usage through an automatic irrigation system. • 1-2 sensors are embedded into tree trunks, vines, and plants to monitor real time water needs. To launch commercially, Saturas is using LoRaWAN provided by Kerlink. • The demand for food is expected to increase by more than 50% by 2050 which is going to require larger water footprint. • Farmers do not have access to consistent water measurements causing them to overwater their crops by up to 20%. By using Saturas water measuring system, farmers can increase yields and decrease water consumption.

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