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Water devices aid in monitoring and controlling irrigation systems

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Business value Solution Opportunity WATER DEVICES AID IN MONITORING AND CONTROLLING IRRIGATION SYSTEMS Precise water deliver and control at sub-block level, flexibility to design micro blocks based on in-field variability, increased yield per unit of water, improved crop quality, prevention of leaching or run-off, and water savings • The WaterBit Connect Gateway™ is a farm-scale network that provides two-way communication. • Irrigation systems are able to be controlled remotely through the WaterBit Main Valve Controller™, Block Valve Controller™, and MicroBlock Valve™. • The WaterBit Dashboard™ allows user to monitor and analyze irrigation reports and charts to stay informed. This helps users to achieve the highest quality and yield while optimizing labor and water use. • WaterBit provides a robust solution to monitor and control irrigation. The precision irrigation solution is precise, mobile, simple, and powerful. • WaterBit's devices fit on existing drip lines, retrofit most valves, and leverage data from sensors that measure plant available water, ET, sap flow, weather, and more. • WaterBit's Carbon™ is a solar-power IoT device that collects data from sensors and controls valves 24/7. • Users can pair other WaterBit devices such as their Soil Moisture Sensors™, Pressure Sensor™, and Flow Meter Monitor™ to keep a watchful eye on their irrigation systems in real-time.

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