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Process Tech AG Optimizes Irrigation for Tree Health

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Business value Solution Opportunity PROCESS TECH AG OPTIMIZES IRRIGATION FOR TREE HEALTH USING SENSOTERRA "I chose Sensoterra probes due to the simplicity of the system. There is a huge need to learn how to better irrigate and control the consumption of water." – Matt Murray, Process Tech AG • Since water scarcity is an issue in California, it is important to understand how to properly irrigate. Sensoterra sensors monitor moisture at the root of the plant providing insights on how much to irrigate a tree and to define run-times. • With the use of LoRaWAN® technology, Sensoterra probes are wireless, allowing for flexible placement, and installation is fast and easy. • With the data gathered, Frederik Farms with Process Tech Ag can set more accurate irrigation schedules, and better understand soil moisture levels. • Frederik Farms uses Sensoterra sensors on its 195-acre fruit and nut orchard in California to monitor soil health and capillary behavior of their trees. • Process Tech Ag uses Sensoterra sensor soil moisture data to integrate it with local weather, temperature, and irrigation systems for precision agriculture techniques. • Using Sensoterra technology allows Frederik Farms to remotely monitor tree health, make smart decisions for increased yield, and optimize irrigation schedules

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