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Liard gets smart with Cold Food Chain monitoring

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Business value Solution Opportunity LAIRD GETS SMART WITH COLD FOOD CHAIN MONITORING - HOW WIRELESS MONITORING ENSURES FOOD SAFETY This automatic method can substantially improve food safety by providing a continuous and consistent data stream of temperatures 24/7 every day of the year. ● Wireless sensors automatically collect data to ensure proper temperature and/or humidity maintenance. ● A LoRaWAN® gateway receives data from, and sends data to, your wireless sensors. ● The solution includes data storage, analysis and visualization as needed, allowing complete end-to-end management of your cold chain. ● Controlling food storage temperatures at all stages of the cold chain is critical to food safety. Breaks in the chain lead to food waste and the risk of foodborne diseases. ● LoRaWAN ® is an extremely robust technology that out-performs alternative technologies for battery-operated devices in challenging cold chain environments and can penetrate thick walls and basements.

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