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Contact tracing in time of social distancing

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Business value Solution Opportunity Click to add photo CONTACT TRACING IN TIME OF SOCIAL DISTANCING • In terms of finding infected people and people in close contact with him/her, the contact tracing solution shortens the time from days to minutes with a simple click on the dashboard. • The solution also helped many employers and employees return to their workplace during pandemic times, which accelerates the reopening of businesses. • The design of Lansitec Contact Tracing Badges is based on Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology. • The badges use RSSI for distance calculation and contact tracing. • The badge is primarily used to keep a social distance at the workplace or hospital and is particularly useful during COVID-19. • The badge beeps when any other badges approach. • An employee or an individual can be alerted by the vibration and sound of the badge without even the LoRa network. • If someone is found infected, people who have been closely contacted with him/her can be easily found and isolated. • Covid-19 left everyone stranded in the year 2020, in terms of being able to avail health facilities and many other things. • Overwhelmed healthcare facilities and lesser access to in-person consultation sessions significantly accelerated the need for controlled medical care environment. • Being able to manage the flow in health facilities and reinforce social distancing policies is crucial.

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