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Kerlink Airport sensors

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Business value Solution Opportunity KERLINK AIRPORT SENSORS IN AMSTERDAM ● Kerlink sensors will be able to monitor indoor temperature and humidity, lighting, movement, parking status, toilet consumables and cleanliness, waiting line management, and asset tracking on wheelchairs, GSE, personnel, luggage, packages, containers of goods, and emergency vehicles. ● Kerlink, MCS, and Schiphol Telematics have partnered to deploy LoRaWAN® smart sensors at Schiphol Airport. ● Schiphol Airport is the 3rd largest airport in Europe with 70+ million passengers per year. ● Schiphol Airport is installing thousands of sensors in public and non- public areas to create benefits for travelers, airport operations, ground support and maintenance, safety and security, and independent businesses. They will also be able to control installation and OPEX.

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