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Novatrack tracking refrigerators

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Business value Solution Opportunity NOVATRACK TRACKING REFRIGERATORS Reduction of theft, optimized maintenance, increased customer experience and automated inventory • Novatrack deploys a LoRaWAN® based IOT solution on 20,000 refrigerators throughout all the main cities in Nigeria. • The solution includes Temperature and humidity end-devices, Kerlink Wirnet™ iBTS Gateways, Kerlink Wanesy™ Management Center and Kerlink Wanesy™ Geolocation platform. • On top of location, the solution also detects door opening and closing and monitors the internal temperature which provides efficiency and facilitates their support. • Locating the refrigerators from the warehouse to the restaurant and bar and where they are installed ensure a precise picture of fridges at any time. • Novatrack is a leading supplier of tracking services in Nigeria. • Novatrack provides their solution to a national brewery to secure optimal customer experience with a rented fridge, notably the location and temperature status. • LoRaWAN is the most cost-effective networking infrastructure which also has geolocation capabilities for both indoor and outdoor environment.

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