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Microshare indoor air quality monitoring using LoRaWAn

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Business value Solution Opportunity MICROSHARE'S INDOOR AIR QUALITY MONITORING USING LoRaWAN ® "The more we learn about the pandemic and building wellness, the more important it is to deploy capabilities like Indoor Air Quality Monitoring. Cleaning surfaces is important, but what we breathe matters just as much, and not only during a pandemic." - Dr. Paul Gilmore, GBMC Healthcare • Studies show that more granular control of temperatures and proper monitoring of CO2 levels reduces the stress levels of your workforce, customers, and tenants, raising productivity and satisfaction levels. • Provides 24/7 real-time intelligence on the actual environment occupants are experiencing. • Key ESG (Environmental | Social | Governance) data moves a facility in a greener, more sustainable direction. • Alerts facility managers to ventilation and other problems before they get out of hand. • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring is a fundamental tenet of building wellness. • Microshare's Air Quality solution brings cost savings, sustainability and occupant comfort with real-time data on temperature, humidity and IAQ levels.

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