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Microshare occupancy solutions using LoRaWAN

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Business value Solution Opportunity MICROSHARE'S OCCUPANCY SOLUTIONS USING LoRaWAN ® "MIcroshare created a cleaning assessment tool to help property managers determine how to redistribute or allocate their existing cleaning resources to meet the new (or changing) cleaning demands. It is typical of their innovative approach to Smart Facilities." - Samantha Colin, Propmodo • Identifies high and low usage areas for cleaning and HVAC purposes. • Provides data that can lower energy and maintenance. • Provides Touch free feedback to gauge occupant wellness. • Creates a valuable historical picture of leased-space usage is created for corporate decision makers. • How heavily is your space utilized? • This knowledge is a prerequisite to understanding the kind of attention it requires and the ROI it delivers. From desks to conference rooms to lab space and more. • Occupancy Monitoring using LoRaWAN® provides actionable data for facilities operations as well as strategic insights for portfolio managers and real estate investment decisions.

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