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Interoperability between wi-fi & LoRaWAN

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Business value Solution Opportunity INTEROPERABILITY BETWEEN WI-FI & LoRaWAN® AT THE NETWORK LEVEL • Results from field test demonstrate the benefit of aggregation of geo-coverage KPIs and signals based KPIs for optimal handover and coverage decision. • Combining multiple KPIs allows the increase of successful handover rates. • Nesten's wireless nodes and tags can support both LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi and handle the interoperability based on signal strength and packet error metrics as well as Skyhook's geolocation databases. • This demonstrated the value of Wi-Fi to LoRaWAN and vice-versa handover for device applications. Handover support allowed dynamic data traffic increases when devices connected to Wi-Fi, and data throttling when out of Wi-Fi coverage and only LoRaWAN® coverage available. • The understanding of hardware/software resources, processing steps, data throttling, and management packets required for successful handover from LoRaWAN® to Wi-Fi and vice versa was vital to success. • Two of the key technologies that are used today for IoT use cases and applications are Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN ® . • Nesten's intelligent network provides access across both technologies. Skyhook's location services allow geo-location IoT devices across either technology using Wi-Fi scans. • Nesten and Skyhook partnered to demonstrate and study interoperability between Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN ® .

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