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IOT Innovators collaborated to optimize hotel operations

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Business value Solution Opportunity IOT INNOVATORS COLLABORATED TO OPTIMIZE HOTEL OPERATIONS AND REDUCE CARBON FOOTPRINT "We obtained results that exceeded the highest level of business requirements. The collaborative IoT solution works exceptionally well and provides our employees with reliable and actionable data each and every day."- Arnaud Patat, SVP Digital, Construction & Innovation of AccorInvest ● End to end IoT LoRaWAN ® solution providers, HXperience the developers of SMATI software and Kerlink, deployed a solution including sensors to collect data on water, gas and electricity consumption as well as water temperature, refrigeration units and air quality within the hotel. ● A comprehensive dashboard cross-referenced real-time and historical information with the hotel's activity. ● Beyond monitoring and reducing water and energy consumption, the LoRaWAN ® solution data also helps to guide teams toward appropriate renovation decisions. ● AccorInvest launched an aggressive Smart Hotels initiative seeking to reduce energy and water consumption and CO2 emissions. ● Being able to analyze hotel KPI metrics and operating data in real-time would enable management to quickly identify challenges and implement corrective actions.

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