LoRaWAN® Gateways: Radio Coexistence Issues and Solutions

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LoRa Alliance ® Whitepaper Page 41 of 49 LoRaWAN ® Gateways Radio Coexistence Issues and Solutions Copyright ©2021 LoRa Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved. www.lora-alliance.org Characteristic Specification Connectors IN N-Female/OUT N-Female (external version) IN SMA-Female /OUT SMA-Female (embedded version) Power handling 10W CW min. Impedance 50Ω@I/O Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃ Attenuation 10 – 800MHz 60dB min. Attenuation 1000 – 2000MHz 60dB min. Attenuation 2000 – 3000MHz 50dB min. Attenuation in LTE DL bands 40dB min. if guard band greater than 10MHz 50dB min. if guard band greater than 5MHz 60dB min. if guard band greater than 2MHz Attenuation in LTE UL bands 40dB min. 7.2 EMBEDDED OR EXTERNAL CAVITY FILTERS? Gateway manufacturers or operators must choose whether to use embedded or external cavity filters. Using an embedded cavity filter is an attractive choice, as it offers several advantages: • Lower price of the cavity filter: o External cavity filters require specific powder coating to meet IP67. o Embedded cavity filters do not require such coating. • Easier installation: o The installer only needs to connect a coaxial cable between the gateway RF port and the antenna. o External cavity filter mounting must be considered by the installer. However, external cavity filters must be also considered, as they offer significant flexibility for the operators and installers. An embedded cavity filter is supposed to address all the possible interference uses cases in a specific country. This could be true in a dedicated country but untrue in another country or at another installation site. The external cavity filter would allow the installer to meet all the specificities of an installation site. If we consider, for example, the EMEA zone, the unlicensed bands may vary depending on the countries as follows: • 868 – 870MHz in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Greece, Sweden, etc. • 863 – 870MHz in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Lebanon, Oman, etc. • 863 – 873MHz in Denmark, Finland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Iran, Somalia, etc. • 863 – 876MHz in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. • 862 – 873MHz in Albania, Moldova, Slovenia • 862 – 876MHz in Comoros • 864 – 870MHz in Belarus

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