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www.lora-alliance.org WHY LORAWAN ® IS THE LOGICAL CHOICE FOR CROP PRODUCTION MONITORING SOLUTIONS INTRODUCTION he growing glob al popu lation cou pled with increased awareness of the demands agricu ltu re places on the env ironment is pu tting armers nder intense pressu re. hey re req ired to max imiz e ields to eed more people while simu ltaneou sly ensu ring their practices are su stainab le. n addition, consu mers demand cheap ood, necessitating greater au tomation to preserv e margins. There is a need to find a balance between intensive produ ction and respect or natu re and this cannot e achieved within the confines of traditional farming. arnessing technology to enab le smart agricu ltu re has emerged to prov ide armers with the tools they need to serv e a 0% larger popu lation in the tu re in a su stainab le way that is in harmony with natu re. Within smart agricu ltu re, there are two main indu stries: crop produ ction, which inclu des arab le, orchard and egetab le arming, and animal hu sb andry . hese hav e distinct req irements. his paper ocu ses on crop produ ction ex clu siv ely . o max imiz e produ ction, resou rces need to e tiliz ed ef ectiv ely and, or many arms, this starts with ensu ring soil ality is optimiz ed and water is not wasted. roj ections show that one-third of the world is set to e liv ing in water stress and, with agricu ltu re consu ming p to 0% of the water in some cou ntries while as mu ch as 0% of water withdrawn or irrigation of ten does not reach the crop the situ ation mu st change rgently . Water and nu trient lev els, theref ore, need to e managed or arms to e su ccessf l t traditional approaches of irrigation and ertiliz ing according to seasonal or crop- ased cy cles are imprecise, rely ing on season-wide av eraging and insights gleaned retrospectiv ely rom crop ields. n contrast, a soil monitoring sy stem can enab le water consu mption to e redu ced arou nd 20% according to real ex periences rom cu rrent deploy ments. oil data is su ect to ariations in climate rom ear-to- ear and to anomalies su ch as ex treme weather or pest epidemics, so analy ing historical data doesn' t prov ide all the benefits to farmers. More timely – and often real-time – inf ormation is req ired to enab le armers to react swif tly to changes in nu trient or moistu re lev els. eing ab le to irrigate when soil is too dry has obvious benefits in terms of yield siz e, t the same sy stem can also adv ise that irrigation is not necessary when soil is at the right moistu re lev el, thereb sav ing water. Similarly, it's of no benefit to add nutrients to soil that already has reached the req ired lev el. owev er, to achiev e this minimiz ed sage of resou rces or max imiz ed crop produ ction req ires ar more granu lar detail than has prev iou sly een av ailab le. ata needs to e collected pon not on a farm-by-farm basis but on a field-by-field basis. deally data collection shou ld e ev en more granu lar, enabling insights into soil conditions in areas of fields in real-time so armers can respond rapidly to clearly - presented data ia mob ile dev ice applications. LoRa Alliance ® and LoRaWAN ® are registered trademarks. Used with permission. ©2020 LoRa Alliance ® M AY 2 0 2 0

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