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LoRa Alliance ® and LoRaWAN ® are registered trademarks. Used with permission. ©2020 LoRa Alliance ® www.lora-alliance.org WHY LoRaWAN ® IS THE LOGICAL CHOICE FOR ASSET-TRACKING CONNECTIVITY hose play ers are the protagonists in an incredib le mov e of goods and assets all ov er the planet. t is not simple to giv e the complete pictu re of the impact of logistics on trade and intercou ntry ex changes. owev er, the data elab orated the ransport team can prov ide some insights. 2 Figure 2 shows an elab oration on data on three logistics ty pes: reight transport road, container transport sea and container transport rail. or each of these, Figure 2 lists the top 10 countries in terms of traffic. Countries Freight Transport Countries Container Transport by Sea Countries Container Transport by Rail hina 0 pain 08 ermany 03 United tates 2, 0 ermany 0, 00 anada ndia 2, 0 Netherlands taly 2, ermany rkey 0, ze ch Repu lic 03 Ja pan 21 0, United ingdom 0, 24 000 Au stria 02, 05 anada 24 anada 0, oland 0, 08 2 rance 0 reece 00, 026 Netherlands 000 United ingdom 2 rance 05 2, 27 rkey 0, 09 2 taly 28 Ru ssia 29 ngary 07 24 Source: OECD – Definition of indicators in the footnote. 3 Figure 2. Top 10 countries per three different types of logistics measured per unit of transport (2017-2018) – See definition in the footnote n the period 201 -201 there was mov ement of almost 000, 000 million tonne-kilometers of reight; almost million U twenty -f oot eq iv alent nits) containers ia sea and almost 23 million U ia rail. espite not giv ing the ex act pictu re, these nu mb ers giv e the sense of how ast the logistics market is. here are sev eral estimations in terms of rev enu es analy sts and consu ltants that ary rom almost .5 trillion to trillion in 2022. he discrepancies demonstrate how hard it is to scope the olu me of reight mov ed, t the message is clear: his is an enormou s market. THE EVOLUTION OF LOGISTICS As the ackb one of trade and any asset-b ased ex change, logistics are inevitably influenced by socioeconomic and technological changes. heref ore, the sector needs to adapt to those. here is a ast array of technologies that can enab le su stainab ility improv e operational perf ormance and respond to the new shopping ex perience. he conv ergence of the internet of things oT cu rrently at the core of dev elopment in logistics— with other emerging technology frameworks such as artificial intelligence (AI) and lockchain can help the indu stry to address emerging trends. hese are the three trends that are ex pected to shape the ace of logistics in the coming ears. 1. The shopping experience is becoming increasingly customer-centric. With digital shopping solu tions driv ing demand or transparency af ordab ility conv enience and speed in deliv ery as well as compelling rictionless retu rns, it is essential to create new siness models and solu tions that cater to these needs. As a sector, logistics needs to respond to this. mnichannel logistics, resh chain, serv ice-b ased solu tions and connected lif e-oriented solu tions are all areas in which logistics need to ev olv e to respond to the demands of the cu stomer-centric era. his area will also e af ected priv acy legislation, su ch as general data protection regu lation and req irement of mechanisms or tru st and data consent. 2. Becoming a zero-emission industry. he logistics indu stry is at the center of the commercial ex change, t it ses a ariety of ehicles and theref ore has a

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