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LoRa Alliance ® and LoRaWAN ® are registered trademarks. Used with permission. ©2020 LoRa Alliance ® www.lora-alliance.org WHY LoRaWAN ® IS THE LOGICAL CHOICE FOR ASSET-TRACKING CONNECTIVITY inv entory data locating and tracking tooling racks and packages. These expensive assets are often difficult to find in a large warehouse when they are out of the process flow or in the wrong part of the ilding. ore than 000 asset-tracking solu tions hav e een su pplied to Lau ak or se at its assemb ly site in sou thwest rance, and are integrated into Lau ak' s manu actu ring containers or accu rate monitoring or items in transit throu gh the company s acilities. Lau ak has seen a redu ction in produ ction lead times p to 20% and a drop in downtime of at least 0% ollowing the implementation of the LoRaWAN-b ased sensors. he company already plans to ex pand the deploy ment to its site in ortu gal, and is ex pected to implement the sensors at sites in anada, ndia and ex ico in addition to its other sites in rance. CONCLUSION or asset-tracking applications, which hav e relativ ely low data pay loads and seldom req ire low latency or high ality of serv ice, it' s clear that LoRaWAN of ers the coverage, battery life, deployment ease and cost efficiency the logistics indu stry req ires. LoRaWAN is ersatile, flexible, cost effective, reliable and secure. In addition, it of ers the widest ecosy stem of app and dev ice dev elopers, so ou can get ex actly the right dev ices and connectiv ity ou need or ou r logistics deploy ment. REFERENCES https://cscmp.org/CSCMP/Educate/SCM_Definitions_and_ lossary of erms.aspx 2 https: data.oecd.org/ transport/ container-transport. htm# indicator-chart reight transport ref ers to the total mov ement of goods sing inland transport on a giv en network. ata is ex pressed in million tonne-kilometers, which represents the transport of one tonne ov er one kilometre. ontainer transport ref ers to the transportation of goods in standardiz ed resealab le transportation ox es rail and sea. ata is ex pressed in tons and twenty -f oot eq iv alent nits U) . U is ased on a container of 20-f oot length .1 0 m) prov iding a standardiz ed measu re of containers of ariou s capacities and or describ ing the capacity of container ships or terminals. ne 20-f oot container eq als U. https: lpi.worldb ank.org/ international THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING LoRa ALLIANCE ® MEMBERS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS PAPER:

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