Get Smart with Your Cold Chain Monitoring: How Wireless Monitoring Ensures Food Safety

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The Take-Away (pun intended!) As stated previously, it's obvious that monitoring and controlling food storage temperatures at all stages of the cold chain is a critical aspect of food safety. The fact that improper food holding (time and temperature) is one of the top non-compliances for both fast food and full-service restaurants further emphasizes this point. The robust LoRaWAN technology enables wireless sensors to better handle the performance requirements of demanding environments located in food service organizations at every stage of the food cold chain. To gain the full benefits of your wireless sensors, you need a complete system to manage the data that your sensors provide… a system that includes data storage, analysis and visualization as needed. In summary, to ensure the most effective cold chain monitoring system, you need the following: • The best wireless sensors and gateway that can handle your harsh and challenging food storage environment • The technology expertise or an experienced team to help develop, customize, and support your entire system • The most robust technology to ensure connectivity and consistency in your challenging cold chain system • A network service provider with a solid go-to-market strategy to make your task easier, less costly, and most effective About Laird Connectivity's LoRaWAN Design Solutions Sensors and gateways from Laird Connectivity are the ideal choice for cold chain applications. Our range of technology expertise includes high- performing and reliable LoRaWAN connectivity and decades of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth experience which delivers unmatched capabilities in the cold chain industry. Pair IoT sensors and gateways right out of the box or customize to meet specific design requirements. Sensors Our family of BLE-enabled sensors can be built to specific application needs. The Sentrius RS1xx is a battery-powered, long- range integrated temperature and humidity sensor equipped with LoRaWAN and BLE connectivity. Its small, rugged form factor contains superior performance and flexibility. It also works with the RG1xx series of LoRaWAN gateways for simple out-of-the-box integration and is compatible with 3rd party cloud providers such as AWS IoT and LoRa network ecosystem partners like TTN. Gateways Laird Connectivity IoT gateways are proven to work in the harshest environments like industrial kitchens and steel refrigerators and freezers without compromising cost or security. We make sure devices continuously provide edge intelligence to respond to real-world situations in real time. The RG1xx Series of LoRaWAN/multi-wireless gateways and IG60 IoT gateways give companies full ownership over their network, adding multi- protocol connectivity to sensors and devices to gather actionable IoT intelligence. lairdconnect.com/iot-platforms The Things Industries (TTI) is a well-established LoRaWAN network server provider to connect your devices and gateways to the cloud. TTI provides a backbone to over 2,000 locations in US and EU for cold chain monitoring, comprising restaurants, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics. With an installed base of over 15,000 LoRaWAN gateways, and 150 enterprise customers globally, TTI assumes a leading role in the global ecosystem for private LoRaWAN networking. LoRaWAN network

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