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From saving lives to energy conservation

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Business value Solution Opportunity FROM SAVING LIVES TO ENERGY CONSERVATION, THIS HOSPITAL DOES IT ALL "It's been tremendously successful," added Leaf. "Looking forward, we are considering using the network for other sensing requirements including legionella monitoring and air quality measurements. The possibilities are limitless. " - Barry Leaf, Estates Manager Maidstone Hospital ● Pivotal to the success of the enLink's solution is the MultiTech Conduit ® , a configurable and scalable communications gateway. The ultra long wireless range – made it possible to gather meter data from all areas of the site using just one wireless gateway, without the need for any wireless repeaters. ● Real time data – data is available in near real-time to support on the spot decision making and alerting when excess consumption occurs. ● Interoperable – Synetica could link to the existing meters and send the data over the LoRaWAN network.. ● Maidstone Hospital, a leading hospital in the South East of England was targeted with reducing its carbon footprint by 28%. ● The hospital decided to incorporate a solution that leverages the latest long range, low power wireless technology, LoRaWAN ® ● Maidstone worked with Synetica Limited, providers of Long Range Wireless Monitoring Solutions for energy, assets and the environment.

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