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How to catch water leakage before it catches you

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Business value Solution Opportunity HOW TO CATCH WATER LEAKAGE BEFORE IT CATCHES YOU "The saving can be huge and should be de-facto for all real estate owners, insurance companies and others." - Henrik Berntsson, Chairman of the Board of the tenant association within the building • The SenseIoT solution was installed in the renovation project of a 1938 apartment building situated in a suburb of Gothenburg, Sweden. • Sensors were installed throughout building near key potential leak points • The sensors are used for the detection of both pressurized and passive leakages. • The installation of the new SenseIoT system was a very good solution for detection of water leaks, excess humidity and the prevention of prolonged damage. • IoT solution provider, iioote, has developed a preventative solution that uses Semtech's LoRa® devices and wireless radio frequency technology to detect water leaks before damage is done. • iioote's newest preventative solution, SenseIoT, utilizes LoRaWAN®- enabled temperature and humidity sensors, Multitech's Conduit LoRaWAN® gateway and the SenseIoT sensor-to-platform system.

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