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Multi family dwellings

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Business value Solution Opportunity MULTI FAMILY DWELLINGS Boingo provides solutions to reduce costs, simplify maintenance operations and increase IoT device proliferation and the provision of new services. Boingo can assist owners through: ● Leak detection sensors in difficult-to-reach places. ● Environmental sensors located in areas without Wi-Fi coverage. ● LaaS (LoRaWAN®-as-a-Service), where Boingo could place LoRaWAN® antennas and gateways to offload traffic from sensors that are external to a multi-family property equipped with a Boingo Wi-Fi network infrastructure. ● Smart Building multi-family properties have three components: Wi-Fi subsystem, LoRaWAN® subsystem and a Common Network Infrastructure. As part of its Smart Building strategy, Boingo is exploring opportunities to leverage it's existing network infrastructure in multi-family properties to provide a service beyond Wi-Fi that includes LoRaWAN® IoT devices.

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