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Smart parking energy management and monitoring

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Business value Solution Opportunity SMART PARK - SMART ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING • Hybrid technologies with Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN® allow fast integration of various devices from many vendors. • Benefits included a reduction in spend on non-proprietary software platforms. • As long as the equipment communicate using open protocols, new IoT platforms will provide better functionality for a reduced investment. • The overall system is a mix of technologies; the solar inverters send data using Wi-Fi technology while energy consumption sensors are LoRaWAN® based devices. • This particular project was an excellent learning experience outlining the importance of cross-platform development and protocol integration. • Local Government in Western Australia wanted to track energy consumption across 11 buildings. They wanted to add new data streams and display data on a simple, easy to understand platform that would work without multiple license fees. • The various data streams come from solar systems, energy management systems, sensors for energy consumption, and crowd density monitors for events. One of the requirements was future expansion of the system to potentially add irrigation, soil monitoring and other possible sources of data.

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