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Streta shut off valves in Dubai

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Business value Solution Opportunity "With the STREGA Smart-Valve installed in Dubai for Empower, the District Cooling Company can remotely shut- off cold water for HVAC to thousands of apartments when invoices are not paid in time …" – K.Kothandapani, AME- IOT • STREGA Smart-Valves are wireless, battery-operated, industrial-grade valves available in Classes A and C. • The Smart-Valves use a private network, target 10-15 years autonomy, and are battery operated from DN20 to DN80. • "The Gate" in Dubai had more than 1000+ valves installed. • In Dubai, there was the challenge of needing a high-pressure operation, high density, not being able to lay cables, and no existing LoRaWAN coverage to be able to deliver cold water for HVAC to more than 200,000 apartments. • Dubai wanted to have the best technology and be the "First to have" something smart in their iconic buildings, and they do so by using STREGA Smart-Valves. STREGA SHUT-OFF VALVES IN DUBAI ARE USING LoRaWAN ®

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