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Business value Solution Opportunity UNIDATA SMART WASTE: WASTED OIL COLLECTION • Time and resource optimization • Cost reduction, • Traffic reduction • Bins are going to be equipped with a LoRaWAN® sensor to monitor the level of the oil. This info is sent for each bin to the connectivity platform UniOrchestra through the Unidata LoRaWAN network UniWAN. • From the cloud, UniOrchestra addresses the data to the application server and is able to run a complex algorithm that ensures the minimum number of exits of the truck. UniOrchestra is also able to see the best path the truck should follow indicating, at the same time, which bins should be unloaded. • For the specialized company in collecting differentiate waste, Paoletti Ecologia, Unidata is developing a solution aimed to rationalize the whole collecting process of differentiate waste. • The solution is going to be implemented in its first step for the wasted vegetal oil.

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