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Aloxy valve position monitoring

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Business value Solution Opportunity ALOXY VALVE POSITION MONITORING WITH LORAWAN ® PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE • Easy monitoring, increased efficiency, and improved safety. • No Visual checks to be performed in the field resulting in less chance of human error. • To prevent these issues, a wireless Aloxy Pulse device is attached to the valve handwheel or lever without any customized mounting brackets to detect the position (open, closed or intermediate) of manual quarter and multi-turn valves. • The Aloxy Pulse device is configured to capture signals from embedded sensors, and wirelessly transmit the data over a LoRaWAN® network. Initial pre-processing of measured data is done on its IIoT HUB to provide an accurate valve position. • A dashboard highlights the correct and current position for the operator and control room to see whether all valves end up in the correct position. • In the Chemical and Oil & Gas industry, many manual valves are in place, often only operated during maintenance. • When these valves are accidentally left in the wrong position, this could have disastrous consequences (70% of accidents are the result of human errors). • People can get injured or die, assets get damaged, and plant production stops resulting in millions of dollars of cost for a single accident.

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